Co-efficient Of Friction ( COF )

Co-efficient Of Friction ( COF )

The coefficient of friction of printing and writing paper is an indicator of the ease with which the top or bottom sheets of a stack of paper will slide across the succeeding sheet, such as a occurs on the infeed of a printing press or the sheet transport into a copier machine.

Suitable for testing as per following Standard

  • TAPPI T549


  • The machine helps us to calculate the coefficents of static and kinetic friction of uncoated writing and printing paper laminates, composites etc. by horizontal plane method.
  • The finding of this test help in preventing double feeding in printing press and copier machine.
  • Easy mounting of specimens on the receptor block and the moving sled.
  • The machine computers and displays the static and kinetic coefficients of friction
    Easy to use.
  • Digital Indicator to indicate the coefficient of friction.
Machine Dimension:
  • Length :750mm Width : 400 mm Height :500mm

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