Drop Tester

Drop Tester

Essential for quality control and development for consumers of corrugated and solid fibreboard, shipping containers, etc. Ascertains transport- worthiness of the container.

Operation :

A box attached to a vertical column is provided with mechanism to release the resting table instantaneously. For easy adjustment of the drop heights this box is balanced by a counter-weight over a pulley. Package under test is placed on the resting table. By pressing the lever on the box, the package is allowed to fall on the platform at the bottom. The fall is straight and perfectly vertical.

The machine is sturdy and easy to operate.

Machine for larger capacity and bigger packages will be available on request.

Rotational Drop Test can be provided on request.

Suitable for testing as per following Standard
  • IS 7028 (Part VI) 1973
Salient Features
  • A precise and reliable machine
  • Sturdy in construction
  • Precisely machined to International Standards
  • Fitted with angular drop arrangement — for checking transport-worthiness from all angles
  • Costs less than half of the similar imported tester — saves valuable foreign exchange too.
  • Facility for corner drop
Technical Specifications (Mechanical Model)
  • Drop Heights with interval of every Max. 2000 mm Min. 700 mm 75 mm
  • Max. weight of the test package 75 kg
  • Max. size of the package 600 x 600 x 600 mm
  • Floor Space Height 1100 x 880 mm 2450 mm

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