Internal Bond Tester (Scott Type)

Internal Bond Tester (Scott Type)

The Internal Bond is used to determine the internal bond strength of variety of paper & paper board material.


Paper and Paper bonds are subjected to impulse,impacts and shock loads into or out of plane of the sheet.This can cause structural failures. Test results from this test system may correlate to product failures. The test is conducted on a sandwich formed by double coated tape, paper specimen and again double coated tape. This sandwich is pressed between a flat metal anvi and an aluminum platen. A pendulum impacts on top inside of vertical face of aluminum platen – causing it to displace and thereby split paper specimen. The energy absorbed in rupturing of the sample in computed by measuring the peak of the pendulum swing.

Suitable for testing as per following Standard:

TAPPI: T 569 on 07

  • Parallel Centronix Port to connect it to your 80 column dot matrix printer to print stored test results.
  • UIBST – Ubique Internal Bond Scott Type Tester with microprocessor based digital model.
Machine Dimension:
  • Length: 750 mm
  • Width : 400 mm
  • Height: 500 mm
Technical Specification:
  • Capacity: 635 Joules/square Meter

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