PTS – Flatbed- and Rotary

PTS – Flatbed- and Rotary Cutting Machine

You are looking for a large format lasermachine for the cutting of flatbed dies for the packaging industry, dies for the automotive industry and high precision dies for large format dies used in the electronic industry.

Lasercomb can provide the solution for your demand with the PTS-lasermachine.

Flatbed dies with a maximum size of 3000 x 1500 mm or 3000 x 2200 mm or 4000 x 2200 can be cut on a PTS, the size depends on the selected machine format.

If the format 3000 x 1500 mm for flatbed dies is selected the PTS can be further equipped with a rotary unit.

Equipped with modern Eckelmann touch Screen Monitors, menu-guided software, material-data base, visual presentation of the job to be cut on the screen the PTS is easy to operate. Remote Control via the Internet from Lasercomb Service Department is possible if a Internet link is available. In case of loss of power and machine stop the programm which is cut at the moment of power loss can be re-entered and the running job can be finished.

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