Puncture Resistance Tester

Puncture Resistance Tester

Packaging materials and Containers are subject to puncture hazards in handling and transit.

Resistance to puncture is an important parameter that deter- mines the performance of a packaging material.

The equipment is designed to give an accurate and reliable indication of the resistance offered by the packaging materi- als to puncture.

Useful for testing a wide range of materials — from thin papers to thick boards and similar materials.

Indispensable for quality control and development work — both for manufacturers of packaging materials and their consumers.

The equipment is made to international standards. Each machine is individually tested and calibrated in the factory.

Suitable for Testing as per following Standards
  • IS: 7028 (Part VI) 1973_7028 (Part IX) 1975
  • TAPPI: T 804 om-02
  • ASTM: D 4577 – 94/D 642 – 98
  • FCBM: 14:96
  • FEFCO: TM 50 1997
Salient Features Of Mechanical Model
  • Direct indication on a dial in terms of energy required for puncture.
  • Dial with five different scales to test materials of different test values.

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