Roll Tester For Cluster Gears

Roll Tester For Cluster Gears


  • Dedicated for specific Cluster Gear to roll test all its gears against Master Gears under Zero Backlash-Double Flank Contact condition to minimize handling and to get roll test result in single revolution.
  • Major components are manufactured from seasoned graded CI Castings.
  • Self-standing table mounted version.
  • Cluster Gear is Kept on rests horizontally for ease of operations.
  • On Test start, the component is held between centres and individual Gear meshed with their Master Gear.
  • Electrically operated variable speed to rotate component at optemum periperal speed and stop on single rotation.
  • Roll Test deflection sensed by individual electronic LVDT probes.
  • PLC based on-line PC based system using our stand – alone software to control, acquire-analyze-display individual gear-wise roll test data, declare Accept/Reject status, mark high sports (if any)and mark Accept Component.


  • Mechanical Dial Indicator version also available.
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