Tear Resistance Tester

Tear Resistance Tester

The equipment measures the Tear Force required to tear samples of paper, board, plastic films and other similar materials.

The equipment is designed to directly read gF (Tear Force) per one piece. The Tear Force thus obtained can be converted into Tear Energy, Tear Index or Tear Factor by applying appropriate formulae.

Suitable for Testing as per following Standards

TAPPI: T 414 om-98
IS: 1974-1990
FCBM: 6:91

Technical Specifications:

Specimen size in mm 63 x 63
Machine dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 500 x 220 x 600
Machine weight in kg 25
The machine incorporates
  • Incision Knife of hardened and ground alloy steel.
  • Precision Clamps with controlled jaws, made of aluminium.
  • Extra light, low friction pointer with friction lining of textile material.
  • Supplied with template to cut 63 mm x 63 mm specimen.
The dial of the instrument has three scales marked on it
  • A scale: 0-100 gF (when using 16 pieces)
  • B scale: 0-200 gF (when using 8 pieces)
  • C scale: 0-400 gF (when using 4 pieces)

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