Tensil Strength Tester

Tensil Strength Tester

This equipment is extremely versatile for conducting Tensile Strength Test of paper, paperboard, etc.

It can also be useful for testing compression and tension forces.

Available in three models:

  • Digital Model
  • Micro Processor-based Digital Model
  • Fully Automatic Model with Integrated Computerised Touch Screen Control Panel

Suitable for testing as per following Standard

  • IS:1924(Partll)1995
  • ASTM : D828-93
  • TAPPI: T494 om-01
Technical Specification:
  • Max. Admit between Platens 500 mm
  • Minimum Admit 50mm
  • Loading Capacity 250kgf
  • Load Indicator Resolution 0.2% Full Scale
  • Load Indicator Sensitivity ±0.4% FS
  • Lenth Indicator Resolution 0.1 mm
  • Lenth Indicator Accuracy ±0.2 mm
  • Loading Speed 25.4 mm/min.Additional 12.5mm/min for UTTCR-P/-TS
  • Electric Supply Requirement 1Phase 220V-AC 50Hz With positive netural & Earthing
Options provided in UTTCR-P & UTTCR-TS
  • Supplied with 2 speed setting for conducting ECT,FCT,RCT & PAT along with necessary attchments.
  • User select betwwen test speed of 12.5 mm/min & 25mm/min depending on requirement of the capacity:500kgf
  • UTT-P- Micro Processor Based Model
  • UTT-TS Computerised Touch Screen Model
  • UTTCR-P- Microprocessor Based Model with Crush Tester
  • UTTCR-TS-Computersied touch screen Model with crush Tester

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