Universal Testing Machine

Universal Testing Machine

This equipment is extremely versatile for conducting a variety of tests, on different materials as per National and International Standards.


The Ubique Universal Testing Machine is designed to accommodate all types of Tensile and Compression based Test mentioned below as per the Various National and International Standards.To name a few test:

  • Tensile, Flexural, Compression, Top Load, Torque,Co-efficient of Friction, Peel Strength, Seal Strength, Bending, Stiffness, Folding Endurance, Bond Strength


  • Ubique Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is available in 2 models
    A) Microprocessor b ased Model
    B) Integrated Touch Screen Control PanelModel
  • Both Models are available in 2 variants
    A) Single Pillar and B) Double Pillar
  • UTM is useful for testing various types of Materials and packaging like plastics, paper, wood and metals… Various Compression and Tensile based tests can be performed in both – Dynamic & Constant Load or Length options
Optional at extra Cost
  • Depending on requirements and the tests to be carried out, any of the attachment/s shown overleaf can be selected optionally and are supplied at extra cost.
  • Additional Load Cells of different capacities.
  • Higher admit than 500 mm, between the Platens, in multiples of 100 mm.
  • RS 232 Port.
  • ** Higher Loading Speed can also be provided up to 500 mm/min.

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