V-Belt Life Testing Machine

V-Belt Life Testing Machine


  • Based on IS 5635 [Appendix B Cl 2.4 & 9.2] – 3 speed pulley type].
  • Heavy duty rigid fabricated frame.
  • Variable Speed of Driving Pulley using induction motor controlled by AC Variable Frequency Drive.
  • Mist Lubricated Pulley Spindles for maintenance-free long term operations.
  • Digital Speed Indicators for Driving and Driven Pulleys to monitor slip.
  • Speed Slip monitoring system with alarm for excess slip confirmed excessive difference in speeds of Driving and Driven Pulleys.
  • Dead Weight arrangement for proper pre-tensioning of Idler Pulley and then fixing.

Digital Electronic Hour Totalizer.

  • Driven Pulley will be connected electrical loading device with adjustable loading arrangement.
FEW PRESTIGIOUS USERS OF UBIQUE Chain & V-Belt Endurance Testing Machines.
  • Central Road Transport Institute – Pune
  • Ms Hero Honda Ltd, R&D – Dharuhera
  • Ms L G Balkrishnan P Ltd – Coimbtore
  • Ms Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, R&D – Nashik
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